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Transform Your School's Online Presence

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Are You Unsure About What Type of Website Your School Needs? Look No Further. Atlantis Digital Technologies Offers Top-Quality, Customized Websites for Educational Institutions at Affordable Prices. Our Expert Team Provides Honest Advice and Ensures Your School’s Online Presence is Modern and Effective.

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Why Is A School Website Necessary?

Boost Your School’s Reputation with a Website – Why Online Presence is a Must for Modern-Day Schools


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Technology has changed the way we communicate, and schools are no exception. With the rise in competition in the education sector, having a website is a must to showcase your school’s amenities and services.

At Atlantis Digital Technologies, we understand the importance of an online presence. That’s why we offer SEO-friendly website development services for schools to help you stand out in the digital world. Our expert team ensures that your website highlights your school’s best features, making it easy for parents to compare and choose your school over others.

In today’s fast-paced world, parents are always on the go and rely heavily on the internet to find information. Having a website can be a game-changer for your school and can help you grow your service-oriented education business. Contact us today to give your school the online presence it deserves.

Why Schools Should Have A Website

A school website can be a powerful tool to promote your school and increase its reach. At Atlantis Digital Technologies, we specialize in creating user-friendly websites that help schools connect with their audiences on a global scale.

Here are some of the benefits of having a school website:

  • Increase your school’s visibility and reach among current and potential audiences.
  • Provide information about your school and its facilities to a global audience, eliminating the need for travel for outstation visitors.
  • Showcase school videos, virtual tours, staff qualifications, and curriculum and extracurricular activities to give a comprehensive overview of your school.
  • Display testimonials from star alumni, highlighting the positive atmosphere and experience at your school.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of having a school website. Contact us today to see how we can help you boost your school’s reputation and reach new audiences worldwide.

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Your School Website Must Have These Features

Location and contact information

The precise location of the school can be marked on the website to make it easier for parents and students to access the school grounds.
The availability of contact information will speed up and simplify scheduling and questions.

Students Can Use The Website To Apply For Admission

Without having to physically visit the school, the students may learn the eligibility requirements to apply for admission by downloading the admission forms from the website.
By including a payment option on the website, the fees may also be paid there.

Forms That Are Necessary Are Required

The forms for kids' preferred sports, extracurricular activities, and course selections can be uploaded so that parents can complete them at home without having to visit the school.

IT Cloud/Storage Information for Students

Parents and instructors have access to the student data so they may monitor academic progress and attendance.

School Latest Updates

News, the most recent school updates, calendars of significant occasions, student blogs, and accomplishments of the school are all available.

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We Build School Websites With These Technologies

The website developers utilize the following software to build a user-friendly interface with the optimum user experience:

To optimize your online presence and enhance engagement with your target audience, Atlantis Digital Technologies employs a wide range of software tools in addition to our primary software offerings. These supplementary tools help us create visually appealing and compelling data that fosters a robust and interactive relationship with your audience.

How Much Should a School Website Cost to Develop?

At Atlantis Digital Technologies, we offer flexible and customizable options for school websites, tailored to suit your specific needs. Our comprehensive packages include websites with advanced data collection features, such as forms and SIS integration, that display results seamlessly. These premium websites may cost up to Rs 50000.

Alternatively, we also offer budget-friendly basic packages that include simple yet effective websites, starting from Rs 10000 to 20000. To learn more about our website development costs and packages.

How much time does it take to create a website for an Indian school?

When using Atlantis Digital Technologies, a typical portfolio-based website can be created in 5–6 days, while a high-quality website utilizing a database will take approximately 1 month to construct.

What is the annual/monthly cost of maintaining a school website?

Depending on the updates you choose, the site’s annual or monthly website maintenance is entirely dynamic. With Atlantis Digital Technologies, the maintenance fee is Rs 500 per hour.

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Why Should You Hire Atlantis Technologies To Develop Your School Website In India?

Looking for a team of SEO experts to boost your website’s traffic and online visibility? Look no further than Atlantis Digital Technologies. Our highly qualified team has thorough knowledge of IT and software, and we offer the best website development packages in the business.

Trust us to provide a friendly, reliable service that never compromises on quality. We’re committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends in web design and user experience, and our team includes website developers, SEO specialists, content writers, and social media marketing experts – everything you need to achieve your online goals.

We take a systematic and disciplined approach to our work, ensuring that we provide the best-advanced maintenance services without any delays or glitches. And because we believe in the importance of education, we’re proud to offer our services to schools across India.

So why wait? Contact our team today for the most modest and cost-effective website development services available. Let us help you create the best school website and reach your online potential. Remember, “Padhega India Tabhi Toh Badhega India” – together, we can make a difference.

Frequently asked questions

What is school website development?

School website development refers to the process of creating and designing a website specifically tailored to meet the needs of educational institutions. It involves incorporating essential features and functionalities to showcase the school’s information, services, and activities effectively.

Why is having a professional website crucial for schools?

A professional website for schools serves as a powerful communication tool, enabling effective interaction with students, parents, and the wider community. It provides a centralized platform to share important announcements, academic information, events, and resources. Additionally, it enhances the school’s online presence and reputation.

How can a school website benefit students and parents?

A school website offers convenience and accessibility by providing up-to-date information on curriculum, assignments, exam schedules, and extracurricular activities. It allows parents to track their child’s progress, communicate with teachers, and stay informed about school events. Students can access study materials, submit assignments, and engage in collaborative learning.

What features should a school website include?

An effective school website should include features such as a user-friendly interface, clear navigation, mobile responsiveness, an events calendar, a news or blog section, admission information, faculty and staff profiles, online forms, photo galleries, and a secure portal for student and parent communication.

How can Atlantis Digital Technologies assist in school website development?

Atlantis Digital Technologies specializes in school website development, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique requirements of educational institutions. Our expert team combines creative design with seamless functionality to create engaging and user-friendly websites. We prioritize easy content management, integration of essential features, and a visually appealing design to enhance the online presence of schools.

Can you help with website maintenance and updates?

Yes, we provide ongoing website maintenance services to ensure your school website remains up-to-date, secure, and optimized. Our team can assist with content updates, software upgrades, security enhancements, and regular backups, allowing you to focus on core educational activities.

How can a well-designed website impact a school's brand image?

A well-designed website reflects a school’s professionalism, credibility, and commitment to quality education. It creates a positive first impression for prospective students, parents, and stakeholders. A visually appealing and user-friendly website enhances the school’s brand image and establishes trust among its target audience.

Can you integrate online admission forms and enrollment processes into the school website?

Absolutely. We can integrate online admission forms and enrollment processes into your school website, streamlining the admission procedure for both prospective parents and the school administration. This allows for efficient data collection, reduces paperwork, and simplifies the entire admission process.

Are school websites search engine optimized?

Yes, we prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) when developing school websites. By implementing SEO best practices, we enhance the visibility of your website in search engine results, increasing the chances of attracting organic traffic and reaching a wider audience.

How can a responsive school website benefit mobile users?

A responsive school website is designed to adapt and display optimally on various devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures a seamless browsing experience for mobile users, enabling them to access important information and navigate the website conveniently from their preferred devices.

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